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Artwork from Narana...

Huangpu River from Peace Hotel, 130x162 cm Oil on Canvas

RMB 138,000


About the Artist

Jeffrey Hessing was born in Brooklyn in 1952. At age 28 he was invited to become a member of an artist foundation in the South of France. He decided to settle and then he started to exhibit his work in Europe, America and Asia.


His history with Shanghai can be considered a “Love Story”. During his first visit, Hessing became fascinated by the architecture and the energy of the city. Then, over the past five years, he came sixteen times to Shanghai and developed a series of paintings of the city. At night, Shanghai made him recall his childhood memories of New York which allowed him to create a painting series of the city by night.

Narana Art Gallery

Winch Center, 475 Shi Quan Road, Pu Tuo District, 200062 Shanghai

+86 (21) 6519 1660 / +86 (21) 131 2230 4425

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