Chen Style Taiji Quan- Master Liu Hong Cai. Print
Written by Rose   
Friday, 17 October 2008 09:55


Master Liu comes from a traditional Gongfu family, where over four generations of his family have practiced martial arts.
Master Liu's father studied "in-house" with great Chen Style Master, Chen Fa Ke, as well as his son Chen Zhao Kui and Feng Zhi Qiang. (With whom Master Liu also studies).
Master Liu himself began his studies in Chen Style with Chen Zhao Kui in 1965, when Master Chen would come to their family home to teach him and his younger brother.


Master Liu's Chen Style is both fluid and explosive and although he is now in his 60's, his postures are still low, deep and energetic.
His "Fa Jing" and "Chin Na" are relaxed and powerful, and he uses his power with an effortless grace that is so often missing in some Chen Style Taiji practice.


He is also a very clear, generous and insightful teacher with over 50 years of experience, wisdom and knowledge in Chen Style and Martial Arts in general, gleaned both from his own practice as well as from some of the greatest Masters in Chen Style.