DDA New ‘Disciples’ Induction Ceremony’ Print
Written by Rose   
Tuesday, 05 December 2017 22:24

DDA recently held an induction ceremony for 10 new disciples.

Officiated by Professor Luo Ji Feng as Master of Ceremonies, and joined by official guests and notaries; artist Mr. Xu Zhi Wen, DDA’s Chief Art Consultant; Taiji masters Master Liu Hong Cai and Master Shou Guan Shun; and author Mr. Wang Xiao Jun, who also kindly donated 10 wonderful calligraphy scrolls, which Rose & Master Wang Ming Bo presented to the new inductees along with a copy of Wang Xiao Jun’s latest book.

The 10 new disciples are all stalwarts of DDA’s regular Taiji classes, with some having already been practicing for many years in Cao Yang Park, before attending our weekly evening classes.

It was wonderful to welcome our 10 new disciples into our warm DDA Taiji family and see it growing ever larger!

We wish every disciple past and present great success on their learning journey, and look forward to seeing their progress!


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