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Written by Rose   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 15:00

Mr Cao Dong Sheng of Shanghai’s Yun Nan Tea Trade Company, in partnership with Yun Nan Province’s Municipal Government and Tourism Board, recently




held a 4 day event in Shanghai (3rd November – 6th November) promoting Yun Nan, Pu Er City and the health benefits of Pu Er Tea. The event also




coincided with an art exhibition of some of Pu Er City’s foremost artists, like Mr He Kun at the Shanghai Art Museum on Nanjing Xi Road. The event was to help promote tourism and interest in the Yun Nan region, Pu Er Tea and




also to thank the government and people of Shanghai for their support of Yun Nan and Pu Er City’s development. The event kicked off on 3rd November with




a grand opening party and festival celebrating Yun Nan Province’s wonderful cultural diversity and featured performers from some of the many different ethnic groups living in Yun Nan. The enthusiastic and delightful traditional




performances from the musicians and dancers were a wonderful introduction to the area’s rich and diverse culture and left the audience captivated. The art exhibition which had its grand opening on 4th November, featured works




from several of Pu Er’s leading artists, plus art and print work using the wood from Pu Er Tea trees. The exhibition was attended by many of Shanghai’s officials and media, as well as the visiting dignitaries from




Yun Nan. On the evening of 4th November, the Pu Er Mayor hosted a river cruise along the Huang Pi River, where the guests were treated to delicious, high quality Pu Er Tea and accompanied by magnificent performances from the visiting Yun Nan dancers and musicians. DDA’s Rose Oliver and Wang Ming Bo and all the guests who attended the event, were treated to a wonderful and




thoroughly enjoyable evening and the marvelous hospitality and generosity of the Yun Nan delegation was a real joy to be a part of, filling the guests with a real desire to travel to Yun Nan and experience the rich and beautiful natural surroundings, its people and culture for themselves.

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