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Written by Rose   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 14:46

Presents Master Ren Gang of Shanghai



Double Dragon Alliance is organizing a series of seminars around the UK this April and May introducing Master Ren Gang of Shanghai.

Master Ren, who was featured in last year’s “QI” Magazine April and July issues, recently taught Yang Style Taiji Quan and Push Hands at the Double Dragon Alliance Masters’ Exhibition and Training Camp in Shanghai in November 2006.

The seminars in Britain will focus on Push Hands, Taiji applications, Taiji theory and internal training.

The workshops are open to all styles of martial arts and levels of experience and will also cover dissipating energy (Hua Jing) and issuing power (Fa Jing) both in Taiji form, push hands and sparring.

The aim of the seminars is to introduce people to aspects of classic Taiji theories, as well as understand their roots in traditional Chinese society and martial training.

In Chinese traditional learning environments, particularly in relation to the martial arts, the emphasis is on “feeling and tasting” the “jing” or energy, and the workshops will give participants ample opportunity to try out Master Ren’s applications and feel for themselves how the waist and energy drive the body and command the movements in Taiji form.

Master Ren is an extremely generous teacher, as well as being very committed to helping others increase understanding of their own art.
I’m certain that those attending will not be disappointed in either his skill, the quality of his instruction or in the results for their own practice.

Master Ren is considered one of the highest level push hands masters in Shanghai, and his “Fa Jing” or energy discharge, is crisp, clean and penetrating.
You can see footage of Master Ren demonstrating and teaching at the recent camp in Shanghai on our website: www.doubledragonalliance.com

Master Wang Ming Bo, who also taught at last November's camp will also be accompanying Master Ren. Master Wang is a very generous and enthusiastic teacher and is open and clear in his instruction, always willing to help students "feel" for themselves the energy and internal movements that he's describing. He was also a long term student of the late Master Wang Hao Da - indoor student of Master Ma Yue Liang.

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