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Written by Rose   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 14:38

Double Dragon Alliance and Yong He Tang Cultural Centre recently organized an introduction to traditional Chinese Tea Culture at the Lao Ku Book and Tea Store on Chang Le Road.
The event, which was held on 1st August, was attended by a mixed audience of western and Chinese participants at the Tea Store, which is owned by the famous scholar and author Mr. Nan Huai Jing.

Mr. Cai Jun, who has lectured both abroad and at home, acted as master of ceremonies for the evening and gave a fascinating, professional and in-depth talk on many aspects of Chinese Tea Culture, as well as introducing the different preparation methods and brewing techniques of various types of Chinese tea.



The lecture also introduced participants to the particular individual characteristics and specialties of certain Chinese teas, as well as detailing how to properly prepare them in order to fully enjoy their unique flavours and qualities.
The group also got to taste some of Hang Zhou’s finest Long Jing green tea, as well as ask questions related to the different production methods and common mistakes in preparing tea.



The evening was a thoroughly enjoyable and absorbing insight into the profound world of tea and everyone felt the time passed too quickly!

Due to interest, a second seminar, particularly related to Oolong and Pu Er Tea is planned in September.



The Lao Ku Book and Tea Store is located in Jing An District, Chang Le Road no. 504, at the crossroads of Shaanxi Nan Rd and Chang Le Rd.
It houses a large selection of books by the noted author and scholar Mr. Nan Huai Jing, as well as English learning material and a variety of high quality teas and Tea China and pottery.
Mr. Cai Jun regularly hosts tea ceremonies at the store and the environment is cultured, relaxed and refined; I would thoroughly recommend a visit.

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