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Written by Rose   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 14:13

?Shanghai’s Independent Learning Centre at no. 1800 Tian Shan Road, was the recent venue for a seminar on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tuina.

The event held on Tuesday 29th August, was organized by Double Dragon Alliance in partnership with Yong He Tang Arts and Culture Centre, and introduced the mixed audience of Western and Chinese participants to the philosophy and ideology of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).



Dr Li Yong, of “Shanghai’s Conjoint Health and Advisory Service”, provided the enthusiastic audience with an eye-opening look into traditional Chinese medicine and its methodology, on not only the treatment of disease, but also on the maintenance and preservation of good health.

The lecture touched on the philosophy of Yin/Yang balance for health and longevity; the concepts of treating the body as a united and connected system, in contrast to western medicine’s philosophy of treatment of the disease only and the principles behind TCM’s curative approach.



The participants were also treated to a demonstration of TCM’s diagnosis and treatment methods, in addition to some Tuina massage techniques for curing certain ailments and the improvement of the body’s overall health.

The evening was a fascinating and instructive insight into what many participants had previously regarded as a rather mysterious art and showed how the concepts behind such an ancient science are as pertinent and necessary today, as they were in the past.



The evening passed very enjoyably and everyone expressed their gratitude to Dr Li for presenting such an absorbing and illuminating lecture.

Rose Oliver, who acted as interpreter, said due to the interest generated by the event, another seminar, which would take a more in-depth look at TCM and introduce more massage techniques for health and wellbeing, is being planned soon.

A second seminar on Traditional Chinese Medicine was held on Sunday 5th November in the purpose built facilities at Shanghai’s Training Centre on Tian Shan Road.

The event was organized by Double Dragon Alliance in partnership with the British Council’s Cultural and Education Section and was arranged as part of the itinerary of a visit by several British Head School Teachers, invited by the British Council to tour Chinese schools and learn more about Chinese culture.



The party of 10 British guests, who were visiting China as part of the British Council’s School Links Programme, which is dedicated to cultural and educational exchange, were given an introductory lecture to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by Dr. Li Yong of Shanghai’s Conjoint Health and Advisory Service and were then treated to an hour’s Chinese Tuina massage by three of Shanghai’s top martial artists and Tuina experts, namely: Master Liu Ji Fa, Master Liu Hong Cai and Master Xue Hong En, and 7 of Dr Li’s colleagues.



The guests, who had just arrived in Shanghai and were at first feeling the effects of jetlag, were both revived and invigorated by the treatment, and everyone expressed their delight and enjoyment with the evening’s activity.
Many of the guests revealed that they had not experienced Tuina before and were amazed by its recuperative powers!



The event, which was the first of its kind organized with the British Council, hopes to further stimulate deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and foster communication and friendship between our different countries.

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