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Some notes about the Tuina course with Dr. Li
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Saturday, 23 January 2010 20:06



The tuina course was held at Dr. Li’s clinic under his supervision and the guidance of some of his doctors.
The curriculum covered the system of meridians and their major points, the different massage techniques, introduction to pulse and tongue diagnostic as well as moxibustion.




?I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Li took time every day to teach me on a one to one basis, covering both theory and practice.? The rest of the day I practiced that day’s assignment with some of the doctors who were available or was given a tuina treatment so I could familiarize myself with the various techniques. Being able to practice on different people and being “treated” by different doctors was a great help as I could compare techniques - and styles - and learn more in depth. I was also given the possibility of asking friends to come to the clinic, so I would have more opportunities to practice.
Occasionally, due to the large number of patients coming to the clinic on certain days, when all the doctors were busy and there was no treatment table available specifically for me to use; I could then observe the doctors carrying out treatments, or Dr. Li would ask me to be present when he was treating a particular patient so he could explain the case and his diagnostic technique for that particular patient.
I took that opportunity to ask many questions. I also used that time to study the textbook and the charts with the help of the translator.


The ambiance at the clinic was most convivial and relaxed which made me feel very welcome and free to ask many questions. The Chinese students who translated for me were very helpful and diligent, trying their best to explain even some of the more specific medical vocabulary.

Both Dr. Li and his assistants were very patient in their explanations, willing to answer any questions and I had no difficulty understanding or making myself understood.


I really enjoyed the course and the way it was held. I must say however that my previous studies of anatomy and western massage combined with my being familiar with Taiji Quan, Qigong and Chinese philosophy were definitely a plus and enabled me to get the most out of this “crash course”.? I wish I could have had more time to continue this study with Dr. Li and his staff.


Thank you so much Rose for organizing this course “specially tailored” for my needs with such competent teachers, in a very friendly and professional environment.


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