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Written by Rose   
Monday, 10 September 2018 18:34
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This month saw several amazing exhibitions, lectures and talks at the BCC; including:

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Ms. Helen Rong, managing partner of ‘Master Minds Studio’, the China representative of the

London College of Music Examinations and The University of West London, with a wonderful talk as part of the BCC’s ‘Business Professionals Lectures’.



Helen introduced both of these UK colleges, gave advice on choosing the right learning institution, outlined benefits and pitfalls of studying abroad, introduced aspects of British education, and detailed others’ learning experiences from living & studying in the UK.

Thanks very much to Helen for sharing her wisdom and experience with our students, everyone attending benefited greatly from her expertise!

We’re looking forward to working with Helen again in the future and hopefully settling up a new Drama Club at the BCC!

Plus thanks to Ms. Sara Yu for her lecture on management skills and psychology in the workplace; and Ms. Elva Sun for another wonderful training session on preparing for your first job and interview skills!



Later in March the BCC were also proud to present an exhibition of wonderful artwork from USST’s Art & Design College students.?

The ‘Tempera Exhibition’ at the BCC, was designed and facilitated by Ms. Zhang Yue of the Art & Design College, and will last throughout the summer. So welcome everyone to come and enjoy these fantastic paintings!

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