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Friday, 13 March 2009 15:09
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“Vedic Life”?

Beautiful Indian

jewellery, clothing and textile designs, to thrill and entice.

For more

information, see their website: www.vediclife.net

VANSH (Jewelry)?The brilliance and sparkle of

jewelry has been a form of artistic self-expression of elegance and beauty of a

woman since time immemorial. An expression for the woman who is sophisticated, self-assured,

stylish and daring. Who sometimes leads and sometimes is not afraid to follow.

A signature collection that makes a statement…sometimes bold, sometimes

understated.?Original and distinctive, you can choose from a collection of

diamonds, gold and silver.

Diamonds: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!!

With that in mind, vansh brings you a breathtaking collection of stunning

chandelier earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants. Something for the special

occasions and also something for every day wear.

Gold: each piece from our gold kundan jewelry is timeless …hand

worked in the bazaars of Jaipur Designed with semi precious and precious stones

such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and many more.

Silver: Originating from the famous shores

of Bali, our silver collection is a unique range of stunning eye catching

pieces…pendants and earrings in 925 silver set with semi precious stones,

marble, mother of pearl, with exquisite silver filigree, completely hand

worked. Rings in silver, mahogany and mother of pearl.

The entire collection is “mood”…. jewelry to satisfy an

expression of style, Not just an answer to an occasion or festival. Something

special for every day. And something for that special day!!

Every piece is of the highest quality, a delicate balance of

fashion trends and timeless designs. So that every piece you buy becomes a

treasured keepsake.


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